Hope the monkey has his dancing shoes ready…

Some time today, by Crom, that stupid misplaced search box is going down. I’ve received some good suggestions from commenters and I’m going to apply them until either it or me has been vanquished.

Also, can anyone out there tell me why the hell my RSS feed doesn’t seem to be working?

In today’s good news: The response to my previous post has been overwhelming. We are creeping dangerously close to the point where I’m going to have to think up some substance for “Cold Windings of the Murthalump.” Gulp.

My girlfriend, the multi-talented Elizabeth Bear, has agreed to be the one to follow me around with camera in hand and shoot the tour of my fire station. That item, we’ll get to in September, when she’s staying with me following Worldcon.


Lynch Industries

Time is, time was, time is past… after ten years (zang!) at Livejournal, I’m moving my primary online journal here: Lynch Industries.

This is a necessary but melancholy thing. Necessary, because this is part of the online career equivalent of growing up. I have an expectant audience, a ‘brand’ (gods help me), and an established site I really ought to be using as the primary outlet for my announcements and natterings. Melancholy, because LJ for a very long time was an ideal fusion of a huge user base and extreme ease-of-use. Networked, nuanced conversations between dozens or hundreds of personalities you could recognize at a glance… ah, well. Livejournal has lost some steam and cachet in recent years, and the worry about total service outages from DDoS attacks doesn’t help.

I’m not leaving Livejournal. All of my posts here will be pretty much cross-posted there. I’ll still check my friends list frequently. But this will be my electronic babble flagship.

Lynch Industries. It was almost The Dork Lord, On His Dork Throne again. But time is, time was, time is past… and it’s a strange thing, realizing as an adult that I really ought to be designing and tending an online space with the next ten, twenty, thirty years in mind. When you’re a kid you can leap boldly online as SkullFuckMonkey38 or ReTARDIS or EyeDidYourMomTrebek; sooner or later you find yourself about to earn a PhD or starting a business or whatever, and the wisdom of something a little more contextually malleable as your online face sinks in.

It’s not like it doesn’t say “damn dirty threat-to-civilization long-haired head-banging fantasy and science fiction writer” right at the top of the page. At least there’s that.

This blog’s visual dress could be a little makeshift until I learn to grapple with CSS. Sadly, I know entirely fuck all about it, as you can see by the strange hovering search box that bisects my lovely little header illustration up top. I’m also unclear on how to add/adjust items within the gray menu box immediately below it.

Launching this blog is meant to be the kickstart to a refurbishment of my whole site. After a couple of badly depression and anxiety-mauled years, I’m more functional than I have been for some time. The anxiety, in particular, is still a drag on work, but I draw optimism from the fact that things in my head are nowhere near as bad as they were at their worst… and while they certainly plunge from time to time, they still don’t scrape that bottom I remember so vividly.

I ought to cover some questions that have piled up or recurred in recent weeks:

Q: What the hell is going on with The Republic of Thieves?

A: My current necessary edit to TRoT has been shot all to hell by that lovely anxiety I’ve mentioned. I haven’t talked much about it because I hate talking about it. I can be usefully open about my depression in a way I can’t about my anxiety attacks. Sorry. Suffice to say: They are the reason we can’t have nice things. I have a very good feeling at the moment, however, because I know something you do not. When I can say more, I will not be shy.

Q: What’s with the official TRoT release date switching all the time?

A: Because my publishers can’t yet reliably (my fault, not theirs) give retailers a true date, and retailers nonetheless want to keep the book as a forthcoming item in their catalogs, many weird things happen. Nobody is deliberately fucking with you. Least of all me or my publishers. It’s not personal. I have said, several times, not to take any date as valid until you see me posting it online myself. I have just said it again.

Q: Will you follow me on Twitter so I can send you a direct message?

A: No. If you want to send me a message, my personal e-mail address is no secret: scott@scottlynch.us. Why force yourself to send me something in 140 characters or less when you can just send whatever you like?

Q: Is there any news on the film adaptation of The Lies of Locke Lamora?

A: The Warner Bros. development option lapsed several years ago. Barring an amazing conjunction of large-scale miracles, there will be no further development of that project. Be sure to check the dates and the sources cited when you come across “OMG there’s gonna be a movie!” claims. If and when NEW information becomes available, I will not be shy about it. At all.

Q: Can you give us good news about anything?

A: Yes. Thanks to the pleading, wheedling, bribery, and death threats of the indomitable Lynne Thomas, Super-Archivist, there is now an honest-to-god Scott Lynch Papers at the Northern Illinois University SFWA Archive. The big announcement is here. I have kicked off the collection with full print manuscripts of TLoLL and RSURS. More of my manuscripts, notes, maps, and correspondence will eventually go to NIU, where they’ll be carefully preserved alongside the papers of 50+ other science fiction and fantasy writers.