Vocabuvores and Ginger Scalds

A few months ago, José Luiz F. Cardoso conjured D&D3 / Pathfinder compatible stats for the vocabuvores from “In the Stacks” at his blog, Tower of the Lonely GM. My lovely better half noticed this, but I have been remiss in mentioning it since then. I’m utterly flattered. And a bit jealous, actually, since Cardoso managed to add a clever twist to the vocabuvore metabolism that I wish I’d thought of myself.

Food Through the Pages, a frankly amazing blog dedicated to recreating unlikely cuisine described in literature, has just posted their exploration of the Ginger Scald, the mouth-zinging cocktail described in The Lies of Locke Lamora. The level of effort they put into this stuff is astounding, and humbling. I am perturbed to discover that the process I described for creating this drink might be actively dangerous to anyone attempting it at home, so please heed all their warnings!