Hey, did anyone know there’s this book coming out next week?

The Republic of Thieves-ocalypse is nigh, and just one thin week (gulp!) separates the book from retailers’ shelves. I would characterize early reviews and reactions as gratifyingly and overwhelmingly positive. For your edification, I’ve rounded up the ones that have been called to my attention, including one or two that are not overwhelmingly positive, and listed them below:

SFX is extremely kind, granting it 5 out of 5 stars.

Over the Effing Rainbow recommends murdering all who stand between you and a copy of this book.

Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist is not pleased.

Little Red Reviewer is enthusiastic about nearly everything, with one quibble.

Alex Shepherd at Fantasy Faction calls it “…an excellent addition to a stimulating series.”

Neth Space feels the love.

Fixed on Fantasy finds much to appreciate but also has strong reservations.

Shorty Monster declares it “very much worth the wait.”

SFF Book Reviews has reservations, but gives it 8 out of 10.

Nerds of a Feather also gives it 8/10.

SFFWorld believes the novel could have used some trimming here and there but is otherwise quite successful.

Publishers Weekly, in a starred review, pronounces it “fast paced, fun, and impossible to put down.”

36 thoughts on “Hey, did anyone know there’s this book coming out next week?

  1. I pre-ordered the book a bit ago, so I’m excited to get out of work next week, whereupon I will speed (while still being “respectful” of speed limits) and rip open the package.

    I read Pat’s review and while I respect his honesty I do reserve my final judgement to my eyes and I think my eyes will be pleased in roughly 200 hours!

  2. Do you by any chance know if the audiobook is also going to be available on Audible?

    I see that there’s a pre-order available on Amazon for the CD audiobook, but nothing in Audible to pre-order.

    Two kids under 6, teaching 8th grade….almost no time to read a physical book these days. But my hour long commute? Perfect time for the world of Locke.

    Any idea?

  3. Here’s hoping the audiobook is released along with the hardback. I’m way too lazy to read, and audio is how I’ve experienced the other books anyway.

  4. Eeeh! Once I know I want to read something I don’t read any reviews beforehand. I want allll the surprise. I also go through crazy acrobatics to avoid trailers for movies I’ve already committed to seeing.

    Anyway, I’m so excited! I preordered this months ago, successfully put it out of my mind, and then last week went, “WHY ISN’T IT OCTOBER YET?” 😀

  5. Very excited! And eight days seems like just enough time to re-read the first two books. (And I’m avoiding reading any of those reviews, for fear of spoilers.)

  6. My immense sad is that I’ve been looking for housing, so have had no definite address to preorder book to. Still, so very excited for the upcoming release!

    • Say WHAT now? How come I didn’t know this? You’re reading it already? I could be doing that! (Yes, I am also living in Sweden.) I must know whence you acquired your copy!

  7. My library graciously allowed people to sign up for the holds list for this months and months ago while it was still on pre-order status. Thank god, or I would be so far back in line!

  8. It’s a good thing I never agree with Pat’s reviews!! Preordered it last week (and I NEVER buy hardcover books – preferring for wait for paperback). So excited to read it.

  9. Speaking as a relatively new convert (having speed-inhaled both Gentlemen Bastards books last month) I am delighted to see this book come out in ah, 5 days from now. As a recovering FFIII fan (though flyboy Setzer is my own fave), it was neat to see Locke and his friend(s) in action.

    “I am not getting attached to you”–well, that’s my lie for the day about you. :)

  10. I had such a dilemma on this one, from wanting to read it the minute it’s available but not wanting to mess up my bookshelf by having the first two in paperback and this one in hardback (just looks funny when books in a series aren’t the same format). Solved it by preordering the ebook for my kindle, and then I’ll get the paperback when that comes available. What a wonderful world.

  11. Scott, if you’re reading this, I have a question: I’ve been looking on a Swedish online bookstore. They list TRoT as “not yet published”, but “The Bastards and the Knives” is listed as published. Just a mistake?

    Also, there seems to be two different covers of TRoT: one green with what looks like a view of the underside of a dome, and one with two masked figured standing back to back. Is the green one actually TRoT? Because it’s the same cover as the one they have for “The Bastards and the Knives”, only with a different title on the front.

  12. I’m not sure if this was a mistake- but I got my good old fashioned hardcopy of RoT in the mail today (from amazon). Somehow I have to keep my focus on work the rest of the day after starting it tat lunch…

  13. I’m so excited to finally get to read this. One of the biggest releases of the year for me. I just called Audible to ask why they don’t have a pre-order page, and it’s because they will not be selling an Audible version on release day. As much as I looked forward to the Audible version, I don’t think I can wait. I’ll just have to read it the old fashioned way, which will still make my month. But can you give us any info on why this is? Either way, thanks for writing such great books!

  14. Oh glorious day two of unemployment! A storm outside, a fire in the woodstove and a new book to devour. The icon of my pre-ordered ebook has been mocking me for months, I’m so glad the pixels have finally arrived!

    I’ll look for a new job tomorrow.

  15. I just finished Red Seas Under Red Skyies. I really enjoyed this book except for one thing. Why can’t the good guys win and the bad guys suffer? Why does Requen get the last laugh? I know George Martin started this by killing off Stark in Fire and Ice,but come on for Crooked Warden’s sake. I know in real life bad things happen to good people,but if I wanted real life happenings I wouldn’be reading fiction, now would I? Looking forward to reading the next book.

  16. Today I double checked there was no secret way I could convince my kindle that it was really the 10th and get it to download the book… god forbid I wait another half a day after having been waiting for half a year already.

    After being insufferably excited about tomorrow for weeks now, including dismissing the supposed inherent excitement of my birthday as ‘not coming close and could it hurry up and be over already so I was one day closer to the 10th’…tonight is the night I find out whether kindle releases occur at midnight….

  17. Waterstones in the UK seems to have released early; I saw copies on the shelf today, and I thought UK release date was the 10th.

    In unrelated news I have a new book in my hands :)

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