My Convergence Schedule, July 4-7

Convergence is imminent, and here’s my formal schedule:


  • Things I Wish I’d Known Before I started Writing
    11 AM, Atrium 4

    A panel of experienced writers will share the secrets of the profession they wish they knew when they first started writing. Come learn tricks of the trade that your publisher will never tell you! Panelists: Abra Staffin-Wiebe, Elizabeth Bear, James Moran, C. Robert Cargill, Scott Lynch

  • Reading (with Elizabeth Bear)
    7 PM, Sofitel Lyon

    I will be reading from THE REPUBLIC OF THIEVES. Sharing this time will be my amazing significant other, Hugo- and Locus Award-winning SF/F author Elizabeth Bear.

  • Ian Fleming
    11 PM, Plaza 2

    Discuss the James Bond books and their original author, not the movies. Panelists: Paul Cornell, Chris Stenzel, Scott Lynch, Cynthia Booth


  • Beyond SF 101
    2 PM, Atrium 2

    There’s a lot of advice out there for the beginning writer, this panel is for those of you who have moved beyond that point. Panelists: John Klima, Scott Lynch, Peter Hautman, Michael Merriam

    NOTE: There’s only four of us on that last panel, and it’s all dudes. Surely we can find at least ONE woman, out of the area’s large pool of qualified speakers and the con’s huge attendance, willing to join us. Pretty please? Send me an e-mail (scott at

    UPDATE: Monica Valentinelli has agreed to join us! Huzzah!

    EXTRA NOTE: I am not having a formal signing time this year. if anyone wants anything signed, I’ll be delighted to do so at any of my other appearances. Cheers!

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