I’m so sorry. I couldn’t resist. All the fan-arty stuff going on on Tumblr. It just popped into my head a night or two ago. All apologies to Shen Ying-jieh, Anna Jung, Benjamin Carre, and Macklemore. Also, I’m in the middle of the galley proofs right now and I’m goofier than a kitten on nitrous oxide. Send help. Send caffeine.


5 thoughts on “Lamacklemore

  1. I have to say that regardless of this particular, quite cheesy (although still funny), post, I very much enjoy those regular updates from you, Scott, because they prove that you’re doing well and I hope that it will continue that way. Please accept all my love and support and know that i am waiting SOOOOOOO impatiently for Republic of Thieves, even more so since I’ll have to wait ’till my friend in the UK sends it to me to Poland. Still, it will be published just a week after my birthday, so I’ll treat it as a slightly belated birthday gift from you :)

    Meanwhile, maybe you’ll enjoy this shakespearian version of Thrift Shop, written in iambic pentameter, that I found somewhere in the endless abyss of The Internet:

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