It’s launch day for FEARSOME JOURNEYS, the Solaris Book of New Fantasy, and you can pick it up from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble or directly from Solaris/Simon & Schuster.

You can also enter a quick little contest to receive one of two free copies I’m giving away by mail! Send an e-mail to:


Make the topic “Contest Entry” and be sure that the e-mail address you’re sending from can be replied to (or that you’ve included a reply-to address of preference in the body of the e-mail).

Two winners will be selected randomly. No further notices, advertisements, spam, etc. will be sent to those that do not win. Your e-mail will not be added to any list, or sold, or any damned underhanded nonsense like that.

If you want to save time in case you win, you can include a postal mailing address, or you can just wait until I write back to you if your entry is selected.

I will take entries until Friday, May 31st, at 11:59 PM CST!

UPDATE: The contest is closed, folks. Thank you to the 300-odd entrants! The winners have been contacted via e-mail.


  1. Hmmm… you might want to add one entry per person or you might see that inbox filling up pretty quick… unless it’s not in which case I’ve got 500 emails coming your way! =P

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