My Chicago Worldcon Schedule

I’ll be on three panels, as well as attending the Hugo Awards ceremony. This will be my first Worldcon. My panels are:

Friday, August 31


10:30 AM, Wright: Silver West

The use and misuse of violence in SF and fantasy. How much is too much?

Saturday, September 1


10:30 AM, Grand Suite 3: Gold East

How and why did fantasy emerge as the dominant commercial and literary force in the genre? Where did science fiction lose its way, in terms of attracting and keeping its share of the fans? What can written SF learn from motion pictures and television, and vice versa? What can SF learn from the more successful fantasy works?


7:30 PM, Gold Coast: Bronze West

Apocalyptic natural disasters, hungry zombies, devastating plagues. These are all mainstays of SF&F stories. The federal government has real National Incident Management System (NIMS) for dealing with them. How would NIMS react to some science fictional scenarios? What would the response look like?


9 thoughts on “My Chicago Worldcon Schedule

  1. I’ll be at Worldcon as well on Saturday! Sadly, I will be on panels at the same time that you are that day — what would be a good way to find you and say hello that day between panels?

    • I am sorry not to have gotten back to you sooner… my big con schedules are getting so complicated these days that the aftermath of my panels themselves are probably the only reliable time/space locations that can be plotted in advance. :)

    • DOH! Again, sorry not to see this before I left. I opted for no signings or readings this Worldcon, and it was a sensible choice (the size and pace of Worldcon took some getting used to). As a rule of thumb, I am always willing to sign anything after any panel I’ve been on, assuming only that I don’t need to rush off immediately. Or that I’m not bleeding from a skull wound, or so forth.

  2. Congrats to Elizabeth Bear for her Hugo!

    Also, you were in the Disaster Response in SF panel with Myke Cole. How did that go?

    • Alex, I was in the audience, and it was my favorite panel at WorldCon. It was informative AND hilarious. Scott was funny and energized and a lot of fun; and his other panelists rose to his challenge and really kept us entertained.

      I saw a lot of other good panels, but they were usually dominated by one or two panelists. This was the most well-balanced panel I saw, and that made it even better.

  3. Scott,

    I really enjoyed the disaster response panel at WorldCon — even if “intra-anal tourniquet” is an image that shall never be burned out of my brain!

    I’ve written a story of a Lunar rescue squad, and I’d like to make it as authentic as possible. Have you written anything that reflects your expertise in this field? If so, where might I read it to get some inspiration?



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