I Have Made eBooks!

QUEEN OF THE IRON SANDS rolls on, with the beginning of Chapter 8: Across Savage Mars now available! I’ll post the next two installments this week.

Also, for the first time ever, I have made eBooks! Using the exacting instructions provided by the excellent Guido Henkel in his formatting tutorials, I’ve put the first two chapters of QUEEN OF THE IRON SANDS into EPUB and MOBI formats. They’re available (completely for free) here. Just click on the links next to “Versions” and download ’em straight away.

Please, please feel free to send me any notes on foul-ups, bad form, misformatting, etc. Any feedback is very valuable, as I’m using these to practice (the QotIS test eBook is the result of 18 progressively improving iterations of the core file) for future releases of more work in e-formats.

5 thoughts on “I Have Made eBooks!

  1. Ah! You have a “regular” blog now. Nice. Well, I’m eager to catch up with this… I adored the first couple of chapters when you posted them.

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